VCCLHosting Affiliate Program - Referral Program

VCCLHosting recently revealed a new Referral Program for the existing and new users of VCCLHosting. Let's see what are the rewards we offer in this program.

What is the VCCLHosting referral-affiliate program?

A Referral program is a way of promoting company services to new customers in the form of word of mouth, email, message including the referral link. Affiliate marketing is relevant to the referral program but it consists of an audience like a blog, group, etc. VCCLHosting is offering both affiliate and referral programs as a VCCLHosting Go.  

Perks and Rewards of Enrolling VCCLHosting Affiliate Program 

  • $100 as a Signup Bonus - Once you signup for our affiliate program you will get $100 as a signup bonus. 
  • Visit Reward- Even by just visits from your audience can make you earn dollars with the use of Pay Per Click option.
  • Conversion / Sale Commission- Each sale of any product can bring you a 15% to 50% commission. 

What kind of materials VCCLHosting will provide you?

  • Banner Code to embed on blogs (VCCLHosting will provide you readymade code that you just need to place in your blog.
  • Email Links, Affiliate links of our products. 
  • Images, banners of different sizes. 

If you want to refer a friend and earn commission then you just need to copy the product link from our affiliate dashboard. You can start today and can eligible to get $100 as a signup bonus. 

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Saturday, December 21, 2019